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CoroVent was created at the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering at Czech Technical University. The design was tested at the same institution, and the first functional prototype was completed there. After verifying the correctness of the design and functionality of the prototype, the technologies holding MICo Group s.r.o. commenced manufacturing. CoroVent has given rise to MICo Medical s.r.o., the manufacturer and exporter of the device based in the Czech Republic. Mass production allows for fast delivery of large numbers of ventilators to medical facilities all over the world.

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There are twelve companies working together within MICo Group.

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MICo Group –25 years’ experience and a proven quality management system backed by EN ISO9001:2016 and EN ISO 3834-2:2006 certification. The company’s management and manufacturing complies with EN ISO 14001:2016, EN ISO 45001:2018, and a number of other standards and certifications.

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MICo Medical s.r.o.

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