The ventilator CoroVent has received American FDA EAU certification
August 25, 2020

We can sumarize last days as a huge success which opens an imaginary door to the dozens of countries around the world. In the first stage of serial production, MICo Medical produced almost 400 CoroVents. We have received only a positive feedback from the places where CoroVents were using or testing. Unfortunately we come up against the problem of distributing it without a proper certification. This is the reason why MICo Medical, in a close cooperation with the Technical University in Prague, made great efforts to obtain FDA, and after nearly four months they succeeded.

At present, the device is certified for use in emergency cases, and many countries already consider this certificate to be a sufficient guarantee of the device's functionality and safety.

Nevertheless MICo Medical is working on obtaining a standard certification CE as a medical device, which is a long time run, but hopefully it is going to be successful as in the case of FDA EUA certification.  

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